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Group 64 Holiday Projects 2021


Group 64 Theatre for Young People are holding their holiday projects in both May half term and the Summer holidays. For more details on any of our projects or to book your place please email us on [email protected] or fill our a membership form here

May Half Term Projects 

Incredible Superheroes

4* - 7 Years

Wednesday 2nd June - 10am - 2pm - £35 per child


Whiz, Pow, Zoom! Join us at Group 64 this half term for a SUPER day of SUPERHEROES! Feel the wind rush past as you discover your super speed, slip past your enemies with your invisibility or show off your super strength! Everything and anything is possible when you have your super powers set to maximum!

Fantastic Mr Fox

7-11 Years
Thursday 3rd June - 10am - 4pm - £45 per child

Down in the valley there are three farms run by three terrible farmers: Boggis, Bunce and Bean. Fantastic Mr. Fox needs your help in bringing these dastardly farmers down! Join us this May for a fun-filled journey underground packed with cunning and craftiness.


Summer Holiday Projects


Little Shop of Horrors

11-16 Years 
Monday 26th - Friday 30th July - 10am-4pm - £130 per child

Gardening gloves at the ready as we travel downtown to Skid Row! We'll be trying our hand at some extreme gardening and meeting the dazzling and dizzying characters and creatures at Mushnik's Flower shop!

Bugsy Malone

7-11 Years
Monday 2nd - Friday 6th August - 10am - 4pm - £130 per child 

Grab your splurge guns and your cream pies: Fat Sam's Grand Slam is open for business! Come with us on a sensational tour through the glitz of New York's speakeasies, the bustle of the boxing gym and the drama of the splurge fight!

Under The Sea

4* - 7 Years 
Monday 9th - Wednesday 11th August - 10am-2pm - £80 per child 

Bubbles and barnacles! We're heading below the water line this summer at Group 64 for a magical trip to the underwater realms of the ocean! Maybe we'll finally find Nemo, sing a song with the starfish or meet a mermaid or two? Anything is possible under the sea! 



Projects taking place in person will be at our home theatre, Putney Arts Theatre, on the Main Stage, subject to government guidelines. (Please note in-person holiday projects may be moved online in the event that restrictions are kept in place - we will update you as soon as we know more).

We believe no child should miss out on activities due to financial concerns and so we have assisted fee places available for all of our holiday projects, please email [email protected] for more information. 

For more details on any of our projects and to book your place, please email [email protected]



As Group 64 Theatre for young people  re-opens we need to assure young people, parents, carers, visitors and staff that we have put in place practical and strong measures to ensure confidence in anyone working with us or visiting our theatre.

We have created a safety plan which puts every child and member of staff's safety first. This plan is available upon request and will be shared with all those participating ahead of the project. We will also be emailing all those who have signed up with a detailed day to day information regarding safety. 

If you have any questions regarding our safety plan and how we are making re-opening secure please don't hesitate to email us on [email protected]



. Assisted places are available for all of our holiday projects, please email [email protected]  or fill out our membership form here for more information.