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   "Your online videos are fun, imaginative and perfect for my son. It's his favourite part of the week!"

                                                              - Sally, Mum to 5 year old Alex



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We have created engaging, fun and creative online videos for our members, and believe that they will be a really helpful resource for your pupils as they start to go back to school. 


 Video Workshops

We have the following online videos that we are excited to offer to a selected group of schools for exclusive access. We are offering a free trial taster session for you to try out with your class before commiting to the block of video's. 


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 5 Space themed online videos plus 1 FREE trial video
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 6 Alice In Wonderland themed drama online videos plus 1 FREE trial video
If you would like a sneak peak of some of our video's why not check out our latest video below!
Click Here 


 Video Writers Project! 

We also have our Writers Project Videos available! 

The writers Project is a successful and imaginative series of workshops that has run in over 10 schools across Wandsworth, London. Within the writers project your young people have the opportunity to create and explore the building blocks to playwriting as well as giving them the chance to create their very own play! Each session explores a different topic such as structure, setting, character, dialogue and lots more. The Writer's Project was originally formed in collaboration with a select group of Putney Primary schools to engage and improve students' creative writing and English skills. 

The writers Project includes 3 interactive online video's with a FREE taster video.

For further information or to sign up to our free trial online video email [email protected] or call 07341977465. 

We can't wait to be creative with you! 


Live Workshops


The Writers Project

A project for primary school children aged 8-11

Working with published writer Isley Lynn, Group 64's education department have been running the exciting Writers Project for the past 2 years with St Mary’s School in Putney and Sacred Heart School in Roehampton. 

Aim - to develop skills, excitement and passion for the process of creative writing and literacy.

Project overview - The project will facilitate the class to create and write their own script based on characters, dialogue and story ideas that are developed through a series of workshops. The class will work with a Playwright and a Director in school and then at Putney Arts Theatre.

The script will then be performed by the class who created it, at our very own Putney Arts Theatre.

 For more information please contact Nicola Sterry at [email protected] 


Primary School - One off workshops

Group 64 runs an exciting array of workshops for primary school children.

We offer tailor made workshops to suit the individual needs of teachers and their students. They can be designed around any theme or topic of your choice, or we offer the following -

Page to Stage 

Our theatre directors will bring to life a story that the class have been reading, using fun and exciting drama techniques (2 hour workshop)

Performance Techniques

A one off workshop to develop confidence and performance skills, this will could useful in preparation for a school production (2 hour workshop)

Shake up Shakespeare

Our theatre directors will bring Shakespeare to life in a fun and innovative way (2 hour workshop)

Play in a Day 

Working with our theatre directors, the class will create a play in a day around any topic or theme to suit your class, at the end of the day we can perform for the rest of the school, family and friends. 

The Nativity Project 

Do you want to perform your Nativity in a real theatre with raked seating for up to 155 audience members? The Nativity Project provides 2 workshops in your school with our G64 Directors, who will add some theatrical 'wow' moments to your Nativity, you then come along and rehearse on the stage at Putney Arts Theatre, with the final perfomance at the end of the day. 

Production based workshops

We can offer your class a pre or post show workshop based around one of our 3 productions a year. This will also include a trip to Putney Arts Theatre and discounted tickets!

Please note we can be flexible to work around your schools needs, with regards to topics and timings and workshops can be at your school or on the stage at Putney Arts Theatre.  For more information, costs and booking, please contact Nicola Sterry, Group 64’s Education Director on [email protected]