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In keeping with an old theatre tradition Putney Arts Theatre has hung a ghost light in our main auditorium as a symbol of hope for when our doors open once more.

Inspired by this image we have renamed our theatre’s fundraiser ‘Shine on - Support your local theatre’ and will keep this spirit of optimism with us throughout the challenging months ahead.

When we closed our classes, shows and other income generating activities we knew we would be faced with an uncertain future. It is now becoming more apparent that we will not be able to ‘go back to normal’ as soon as we hoped or would like. As a result we now estimate that our funding gap may be £69k. We have been fortunate to receive a government grant of £25k and are taking part in the government sponsored furlough scheme for staff. We are also actively seeking other ways of meeting this new target. 

We have received many generous donations and want to thank you all for these and your continuing support. We are increasing our donation goal to £20k and hope this will help us to bridge the funding gap.  If you are able to support us through a one off donation or regular monthly giving this will help us to ‘Shine On’ until and when we are back. Thank you again for your support.




We are a small charity and are always looking for finacial support from funders and individuals to help us fulfill our mission statement of reaching as many local young people as possible and providing them with exciting creative opportunities. 

We also continuously need support from lighting, sound and set designers and other theatre professionals, or those who are studying in these fields and are looking to get more experience. 

If you feel like you are able to offer support to Group 64 in any of these areas or any other way please contact our Company Director, Nicola Sterry on [email protected]